MIRA MUSIC BOX The first music box was created around 220 years ago. For hundred years, the cylindertype music boxes were made, and the disctype music boxes came into use from 1890 to 1920s. After 1920, the generationof music boxes ended because of the development of phonographs and radios.

Cylinder Music Boxes
Bells in Sight Cylinder Music Box Bells in Sight
Cylinder Music Box
Musical Carousel Automaton Musical Carousel Automaton
Swiss circa 1890
Station Music Box Station Music Box
Swiss circa 1895
Interchangeable Music Box Interchangeable Music
Swiss circa 1890
Station Music Box
Swiss circa 1900
Swiss circa 1885
Hihhen drum and bell box
Swiss circa 1860
Theater musicbox
Swiss(?) circa 1900
Mermod Frere 6-cylinder Interchangeable
swiss circa 1890
Cylinder Music box with Bells(Japanese song)
swiss circa 1900
Mermod Frere Ideal Soprano Interchangeable
swiss 1890's
Mermod Frere Interchangeable Music box
and others...

Disc Music Boxes
Symphonion Style 25c Symphonion Style 25c "Rococo"
German circa 1900
Stella 17 1/4 Inch Disk Music Box Stella 17 1/4 Inch Disk Music Box
Swiss-American 1890's
Regina Cabinet Model Style 67 Regina Cabinet Model Style 67
American circa 1898
Orphenion Automart No.194 BRUNO RUCKERT Orphenion Automart No.194
German circa 1898
Regina Orchestral Colona No.34
American circa 1900
Reginaphone style.240
American 1910's
Regina 27" Folding-Top
American 1890
Harmonia 16" disc music box
swiss circa 1900
Stella 26"Upright Disc Music Box
swiss circa 1900
160 note Seraphy Wave Musicbox
Japan circa 2000
Polyphon Style54 "MIKADO"
German circa 1910
Polyphon Style104
German circa 1890
Symphonion style No.130 (with Bells)
German circa 1900
Mira Console
swiss circa 1901
and others...

The others
Alexandra Interchangeable Cylinder
Bremond Organ Celeste Cylinder
Nicole Freres Mandolin Music box
Rejina Orchestral Corona No.34
Polyphone Style 42CG

and others...

Total: about 65

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